Dates Rich in Bioactive Compounds that May Help Maintain a Healthy Metabolism by Using the Body’s Own Natural Systems Presented at Experimental Biology 2017

Dates grown in the Coachella Valley in California are found to be rich in bioactive compounds that may help maintain a healthy metabolism by using the body’s own natural systems, suggests a new study presented today at the Experimental Biology 2017 meeting in Chicago. These findings were presented on Sunday, April 23, in the “Dietary […]

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5 Rules to Exercise with a Date

When exercising your body is fueled mostly by carbohydrates so you should start your exercise fueled up and bring snacks along for the duration. Dates have what it takes to provide the energy you need with just the right nutrition value. Whether you are on a run, bike or hike, keep in mind these 5 reasons […]

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Travelers’ Food for Today’s Mobile Society

  Dates have a long and impressive history resulting from their nutritional value and their handiness.  Referred to as “travelers’ food,” dates continue to be the ideal food for long trips or a lifestyle on the go. In past times, journeys were long and arduous, taking up to months at a time.  The sheer length […]

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