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Dates Rich in Bioactive Compounds that May Help Maintain a Healthy Metabolism by Using the Body’s Own Natural Systems Presented at Experimental Biology 2017

Dates grown in the Coachella Valley in California are found to be rich in bioactive compounds that may help maintain a healthy metabolism by using the body’s own natural systems, suggests a new study presented today at the Experimental Biology 2017 meeting in Chicago. These findings were presented on Sunday, April 23, in the “Dietary […]

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Two Varieties with One Heart Healthy Profile

Out of the many varieties of dates available worldwide, there are two varieties that which are the most commercially produced within the United States: the Deglet Noor and the Medjool.  These two varieties each have individual characteristics and usages. Although dates are one of the healthiest fruits, few people know about their diverse health benefits […]

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Get them a Date: Replacing your Teen’s added sugar with something healthier

Dates are a healthy and nutritious addition to any teenager’s diet Teenagers love sweets. That’s a fact of nature it seems. And while American’s diets are focused on unhealthy food—a trend that dietitians are trying to change—that doesn’t mean that any teenager’s health needs to suffer—now or in the future. Parents can provide teens with […]

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