Introducing Myth Mondays: Keeping You Up to Date

Have you ever believed something to be fact for a long time, only to later find out it was an urban legend or a myth? Whether you once believed that ingesting Pop Rocks and Coke together would make your stomach explode or that Walt Disney was cryogenically frozen, we’ve all been the victim of misinformation at one point or another.

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So what do you know about dates? Are you informed, or are you misinformed? Staying up to date on dates can be difficult in the age of technology. Outdated or wrong information is often just as prominent online as the facts and, what’s more, this misinformation sticks around longer. We’ve finally gotten tired of all the false information about dates, and we’re going to do something about it.

That’s why we’re introducing our new Myth Monday series of blog posts. Each Monday, we’ll bring you a blog post debunking a different date myth. We plan to answer a wide variety of questions, including:

  • Are dates dried and processed?
  • Do dates contain sulfur as a preservative?
  • What does an unripe date look like?
  • When are dates harvested?
  • Do dates have a laxative effect on the human body?

We’ll explain the origins of date myths, why they’re wrong, and what the correct information is to keep you Up to Date.

We also want you to get involved in Myth Mondays! Although we’ve been scouring the Internet, we know that the web is a vast repository of information. If you find a source of misinformation, send it along to us. If it’s a myth we haven’t seen yet during our search, we’ll send you a box of California dates to thank you for your assistance in the battle with misinformation.

Where do myths come from?

This type of misinformation, especially related to food or nutrition, can be thought of like a big game of Telephone. Most of the time, the initial message was factually accurate. Over time, however, the original facts got passed from person to person. As the message passed, small details inadvertently got altered. This is especially common when information is passed by word of mouth and we have to rely solely on memory to get the facts correct.
Misinformation may also come in the form of old wives’ tales, which are generally passed down to us by an elder generation (for example: if you swallow gum, it will stay in your intestines for seven years). We believe this information to be true because generations upon generations before us have also believed it to be true. However, as we have advanced medically and technologically, many of these long-held beliefs have been proven to be false.

Keep yourself Up to Date

Check back every Monday as we figure out what’s true and what’s false about dates. No other fruit seems to be shrouded in so much mystery! If we have anything to do with it, eventually dates won’t be so mysterious either.


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